StrxwbxrryxDeaky Acum 3 ore
Shawn: Yeah Nope *Hits sweet chin music* Vince:
Gene Banik
Gene Banik Acum 3 ore
Hilarious script for this bum & love soap opera wrestling he's never going to get his crown 👑 back hahahaha
Yameen Ahmad
Yameen Ahmad Acum 3 ore
Ana cristal Muñiz
Ana cristal Muñiz Acum 3 ore
Legion of doom one of my favorites🤘😍
Game LBP
Game LBP Acum 3 ore
I know wwe gonna screw finn balor again so I’m not even hyped
Jms Tdb
Jms Tdb Acum 3 ore
Lashley! Lashley! Lashley!
mortem rex
mortem rex Acum 3 ore
Brock Lesnar is really an merciless, incompationate, wild , worst than a beast and indefensible coward WWE universal champion Really worst WWE Wrestler that I have ever seen
ragu coorg
ragu coorg Acum 3 ore
Houndy Hound
Houndy Hound Acum 3 ore
Why it's called punjabi prison match. Wat's the rule
Aina Sokolova
Aina Sokolova Acum 3 ore
Scades Acum 3 ore
Big guys doing fake fighting, hilarious
Максим Галета
Максим Галета Acum 3 ore
Last title that Kevin Owens won... 4 years ago...
LAOCH Acum 3 ore
Mahal vs McIntyre... Punjabi Prison...Summer Slam.
John Lee
John Lee Acum 3 ore
Only man to defeat goldberg cleanly is lesnar, undertaker, drew mcintyre and braun stroman
Moses Ralte
Moses Ralte Acum 3 ore
Lier, miz didnt lead the retribution.its mustafa ali
Sajju Bhai
Sajju Bhai Acum 3 ore
Everyone's here just cause of the shield
Zack Ryder
Zack Ryder Acum 3 ore
10:35 Acting Level 😂
Balázs Haluska
Balázs Haluska Acum 3 ore
The Great Khali was on all the 3 Punjabi Prison matches. He and the Singh brothers literally own the Punjabi Prison. And I thought the 2017's Punjabi Prison was the first ever.
Stivi Shehu
Stivi Shehu Acum 3 ore
Three ultra Legends
Romualdo Sanchez
Romualdo Sanchez Acum 3 ore
2017 AJ : Baby Face of Smackdown 2017 KO : Monster Heel 2021 AJ : Entertaining Heel 2021 KO : Neutral Face
Hdhdysu Jdudus
Hdhdysu Jdudus Acum 3 ore
Mustafa Ali is the best wrestler
Kajol Mallick
Kajol Mallick Acum 3 ore
John Cena ❣️
Rishik Gaming
Rishik Gaming Acum 3 ore
Roman after hearing Fin's music What's this guy doing here didn't he learn the lesson after I defeated him
Kingsley Jackson
Kingsley Jackson Acum 3 ore
I hope there is a storyline to this and kross is the victor as because I still don't understand why the most dominating and ruthless nxt superstar of all time had lost his first matches. Also is loss was not a (clean) loss hardy used the ropes. Definitely just a small dent not a crack in the armour of karrion kross. Interested to see what's Install for the future world champ
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar Acum 3 ore
When Jinder Mahal music Plays : Audience no reaction When Great Khali Came : The Power the Audience 🔥
AMIT KUMAR Acum 3 ore
John Cena is amazing
Stivi Shehu
Stivi Shehu Acum 3 ore
Putu. Bawri
Putu. Bawri Acum 3 ore
Good Roman reigns
Jaden Halterman
Jaden Halterman Acum 3 ore
Love the vids
Jason Travis
Jason Travis Acum 3 ore
miz some advice never ever tell a woman you going to 86 her shoes she hardcore
Stivi Shehu
Stivi Shehu Acum 3 ore
What a Match!
Vinshen Lee
Vinshen Lee Acum 3 ore
Nice ending
Joseph Picoult
Joseph Picoult Acum 3 ore
Goldberg is the best of all time.
Rachida Karnahssin
Rachida Karnahssin Acum 3 ore
Alexa bliss you know ronda is the best
Nk Viral
Nk Viral Acum 3 ore
The Great Khali💪💪🔥🔥.
James Daniels
James Daniels Acum 3 ore
Miss this Ruthless Kevin Owens that year
Hot Girls Video XXX
Hot Girls Video XXX Acum 3 ore
Do you know how beautiful pink phoenix is ​​in summer
Ash Shawon
Ash Shawon Acum 3 ore
I didnt know R-Truth and The Miz have been this much badass once😯
Leoeditz_fr Acum 3 ore
1m views in 1 week lord
Dustin Wagner
Dustin Wagner Acum 3 ore
13:36 damn McMahon was a good commentator. Him and Lawler were a good team!
Roman Cena's blood
Roman Cena's blood Acum 3 ore
Chik chik boom 💥
Najad C Manaf
Najad C Manaf Acum 3 ore
Who is your UFC fvrt women fighter....?
Najad C Manaf
Najad C Manaf Acum 3 ore
Holly Holm
DNP Acum 3 ore
Akshal Production
Akshal Production Acum 3 ore
Good action edge:
Emmanuel Vaughns
Emmanuel Vaughns Acum 3 ore
Came here after Edge mentioned this group as one of the most evil minds last Friday on Smackdown
If the entrance happening in crowd that will be great 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Satwinder singh
Satwinder singh Acum 3 ore
in this prison shanky vs drew mcyntre
Kareem Sanders_249
Kareem Sanders_249 Acum 3 ore
9:55 orton did the same thing at Backlash 2008
Supreme Error
Supreme Error Acum 3 ore
1:14 LMAO!!! 🤣 put the Suck in Success 🤣🤣🤣 2:50 it really did look like he was singing to it too 🤣
Aden Rampersad
Aden Rampersad Acum 3 ore
I love wrestling so much and the people that make it happen
TheHaiko99 Acum 3 ore
I just love the drums in Dude Loves promos!
Noor Ansari
Noor Ansari Acum 3 ore
Acting like Tony stark
سمر ستايل
سمر ستايل Acum 3 ore
vina meow
vina meow Acum 3 ore
Get loose daniel just being provoked to get chance defend roman👎
Drew McIntyre vs Jinder Mahal Punjabi prison match at summer slam 🙄🤔
Satwinder singh
Satwinder singh Acum 3 ore
set this match again
Mausum Lachan
Mausum Lachan Acum 3 ore
More Negative character MORE ENTERTAINMENT More money -WWE
Luqman Nurhakim
Luqman Nurhakim Acum 3 ore
Adam Cole will be exactly look like Triple H when he's getting old to 50s
Hamd Rajput
Hamd Rajput Acum 3 ore
Don't Put The Same Video Over And Over Again 😠😠😠😠😠😠
عباس البصراوي
عباس البصراوي Acum 3 ore
Silenz Hd
Silenz Hd Acum 3 ore
John Cena will lose to Roman Reigns at Summerslam anyway and after that comes The Rock
The Punisher
The Punisher Acum 3 ore
2:53 deserves to be no. 1
Raymond McSorley
Raymond McSorley Acum 3 ore
Best part of this while thing was brock voice cr as cking at 2:48